So I spent a good 5/10 mins trying to edit these photos to make myself look a bit more presentable before I stopped and questioned why I was doing this. The answers pretty obvious really I just wanted to look a bit prettier. I wanted these pictures to match up to the standards of all my other pictures…but more or less everything about these images is the same as all my others! Taken by the same person (go follow my amazing photographer/boyfriend btw) in a similar setting to all my pictures, same camera, same editing….the only variant that’s completely different to all my other content is that I’m not wearing any makeup.

It even feels crazy writing that and I feel almost ashamed of myself for considering not posting these images and/or insanely editing them until they fit my standard of what I should look like. As women we are more or less always wearing makeup and that’s not a bad thing! I love makeup just as much as the next person but I strongly dislike that I like my face less without it.

So before I start to ramble on about images of beauty we are shown and how it affects us I just want to say what I will be doing to combat this feeling!

-       Have a makeup free day at least once a week – no only will my skin love this but I’ll get more comfortable with my face with out makeup.

-       Change the way I do my makeup slightly. I have actually gotten so much better at this recently. However, there is always room for improvement. I have decided to use makeup less to hide things I do like about my face and use it more to enhance the things I love about my face! Although this is easier said than done when your makeup skills are not the best.

The beautiful earrings I'm wearing our from Just L Jewellery - they are hand crafted so every pair is unique and made specifically for you. I would 100% recommend checking out her Instagram for beautiful jewellery pieces made just for you!

Hope you enjoyed the post guys. Would love to know your views on makeup and how and why we wear it?!

I started to write this post with a plan to chat about my pretty yellow floral dress but as I began to think about what I wanted to say I had a thought. Does anyone actually care what I have to say about this dress? Is it helpful or insightful? Do I even really care what I have to say about this dress? I don’t really…once I’ve got past the point where I let you know that the dress I pretty, flattering and super comfortable, there isn’t much more you really need to know.

I’m writing this as I sit in the front room of where I’m staying in the South of France, having on of those moments where I’m feeling blissfully happy and like a very lucky girl. These pictures are basically completely irrelevant to what I want to write about but there pretty so they can stay.

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