So, you may be wondering how I'm getting on with my London Bucket List....

So, to start/disclaimer I am by no means an alcoholic but I have just recently been questioning my relationship with alcohol. 

I have always been someone who has loved a drink. And not in an enjoys fine wines sort of way, more in a loves being drunk sort of way! So, anyways I have basically always been a big binge drinker, I have found it hard to stop at one drink. But, I’ve never really thought about this being an issue until recently. I feel like we live in a world where binge drinking in completely normalised - to the point where the fact that you’re not drinking is more shocking than the fact that you’re drinking enough to vomit into a pint glass at the bar…

So, you’re probably thinking “Ellen! Why are you talking about this on your blog today” Well…I recently have dramatically cut down my drinking and it has been way more difficult than I was excepting! 

So about a month ago my laptop broke. I’d bought this laptop with my own money before starting university..many years ago..I won’t go into how many. It was the most expensive thing I have ever purchased and it has seen me through the start of my blogging/YouTube journey, until now. Even on the day of its death I was mid video upload. 

So basically I was extremely upset when my laptop stopped working and it made me think about the relationship I have with my possessions. Is it normal? Is it healthy?

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