EllensinRome ♡ Rome Day One ♡

Last week me and my boyfriend spent four days in the beautiful city of Rome of course, being me, I vlogged the whole thing!

We arrived in Rome on Friday morning after a pretty simple two hour easy jet flight. Our flights worked out at costing us around £120 each. We travelled at the end of the half term holiday so this probably made it a little more expensive than it would have been at other times of year. 
We decided to get a taxi from the airport, mainly just to make a lives easy and speedy. This costed around 40 euro so was quite pricey but got us to the hotel for around midday so we had lots of time left to spend exploring on our first day.

The highlight of the first day was quite easily the Trevi Fountain. My expectations were high from seeing pictures and videos of the Fountain and the real thing totally exceeded my expectations. As we had only been in Rome a few hours we didn't have any coins to throw in to secure our return to Rome but we did manage to get round to doing this on our third day.

If you want to see everything we got up to on our first day in Rome then make sure to check out my first day vlog over on my video channel and below. Remember to hit subscribe it you enjoyed the video for future vlog updates.