EllensinRome ♡ Rome Day Two ♡

Our second day in Rome revolved around a ridiculuously early trip to the Colosseum.
This actually turned out to the seriously good idea. We arrived at the Colosseum at around 8am, went in with no queuing and basically had the place to ourselves and about twenty other eager tourists. Tip: If you're 18-25 you get half price entrance into many places in Rome, the Colosseum was one of these. We ended up paying about 15 euros for both of us to get into the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

Bag - Michael Kors // Shoes - Nike Thea // Scarf - Fat Face

We next ventured into the Roman Forum again getting there early enough to avoid the crowds. Although with this part being so big I don't think it would have mattered anyway. With the Roman Forum you have to use a lot of imagination. Its basically the ruins of where everything important would have happened in Rome. It was very interested although slightly underwhelming after seeing the Colosseum. 

 During our time in Rome we stayed in The Marcella Royal Hotel. It turned about to be a great choice of place to stay. We paid around £200 for the three nights, this included breakfast (..with a stunning rooftop view of Rome). The Rome was small but clean and comfortable and all the facilities worked great. My highlight of this hotel had to be the rooftop bar. Although the drinks were crazy expensive the view was stunning and the service was excellent. We definitely would have come up here more if the drinks were slightly more affordable. The hotel was situated about a 15 min walk from the centre of Rome, we walked everywhere most days but metered taxis were relatively affordable.  

If you want to see everything we got up to on our first day in Rome then make sure to check out my first day vlog over on my video channel and below. Remember to hit subscribe it you enjoyed the video for future vlog updates.