EllensinRome ♡ Last Day in Rome ♡

So on our last day in Rome we headed over to The Vatican to see the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums. However, when we arrived we were informed that both were closed due to the Pope using them. Understandably this was quite disappointing, so be aware that this can be the case when going to see these. Also the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums are always closed on Sundays.

There were screens up all over the square showing the Pope accompanied by a large procession of people. We then noticed that the people from the video on the screens started walking past us..moments later the Pope walked right past us! This totally made up for not being able to see the Sistine Chapel, people wait their whole lives to see the Pope and we were lucky enough for him to just stroll right past us. And I think this definitely justifies another try to Rome at some point..I can't die without seeing the Sistine Chapel now can I?!

If you want to watch my reaction to seeing the Pope then head over to my youtube channel and watch what happened! As well as catching up on our other three days in Rome if you haven't already.