Striped Zara Dress ♡Outfit of the Day♡

I am totally obsessed with this Zara dress at the moment, and so affordable at only £9.99. It perfect paired with some tights or legging and will be even better when it finally becomes warm enough for bare legs. I had a pair of shoes like these from Fat Face that I wore to death over the past few summers so i'm super happy to have replaced them with this beautiful Zara pair. They come in brown too and i'm very much considering owning both colours soon. I've been wearing them all day at work with no problems.. I work in retail so for me to say that about a shoe is very rare! 

Hope you enjoyed the post! I want to try and keep them more regular. I'm off to Cornwall next week so should hopefully get some pic done when I'm down there. So look forward to some cute locations.