Smithsonian's National Zoo ♡Ellen's in Washington DC♡

If you're not following me on Instagram then you may not know that I am currently in Washington DC, I've decided that during my time here I will be posting quick snippets of everything I do here. Hopefully this will give you some ideas if you ever come to visit!

We started on Monday with the Smithsonian's National Zoo. The beauty of the Smithsonian's in Washington DC (these included the Zoo and a bunch of amazing museums) is that everything is free. The Zoo's back home can turn into an extremely expensive day out, especially if you've got a big family but this Zoo gives you access to all the beautiful animals at no cost, making a great affordable thing to do in the city. 

The highlight of Smithsonian's Zoo is its beautiful Panda, much loved by locals and tourists. We were lucky enough to see it out playing, rolling down the hill and climbing the trees. The Ape enclosure and think tank are also a must see. 

The best time to visit the Zoo would be early on a week day morning to avoid crowds and aim to see as many of the feeding events that you can that happen around 11am.