Laterz 2016 ♡2016 Round-up♡

So 2016 is coming to an's been a whirlwind hasn't it!? Brexit, Trump and of course Southern Rail…but on a positive note…for me…it's been a pretty good year. Here's a bunch of pictures, words and videos that basically explain why it was so special! Bit of a messy post formatting wise…so apologies…
2016 Round-Up
- I got my first grown up 9-5 office job! I always knew that working in store wasn't my forever - as much as I loved it. I do admire any one who can work in retail permanently, the job was so mentally and physically straining and after a year and a half of giving my weekends and evenings to my job I knew I had to make a change. I have now found a job that I adore and could see it being my forever job. I'm working as a Merchandise Assistant for a huge company, I learn something new every day, I am constantly on my toes and loving it. Also, having my weekends back has been an absolute dream.
- So I probably went a little bit Tattoo crazy in 2016. I started 2016 with three small tattoos and have ended it with 6..two slightly larger ones and this is definitely something I want to continue with in 2017. I've loved getting new art work on my body and have a few more ideas lined up for 2017.

- Travel - My first trip of 2016 was Rome, this was such an amazing, amazing holiday! I won't go into to much detail because I of course vlogged it all, but my highlight was of course seeing the Pope! And also realising that a guy I'd only known a few months was totally becoming my best friend.
Our next trip was the USA, if you've been here for a while you'll know my Dad lives in the states so I do a trip every year - this year we visited Washington DC and New York City. I blogged the whole thing, I've left one of my favourite posts below and our NYC vlog. So check that out if you want to see what we got up to!
The Staten Island Ferry NYC

- Tenerife - If you didn't know, whitch you probably didn't, unless you know me in real life, my mum is spanish. We haven't been back to the Canary Islands, where she is from, for such a long time and this year we went for the most beautiful reason. One of our cousins was getting married and it was probably the beautiful and emotional experience of my year. It was amazing reconnecting with our family, getting to know them better, remember the language and just being in a place that is such as huge part of me. Me and Laura (my sister) are planning to go back in the new year. 
- Towards the end of this year I started to take my Blog and Youtube Channel a little more seriously - mainly due to having so much more time for me with my new job role. I have absolutely loved getting more into this and have taken so much more time and love and put that into my content and I think you can really tell. I feel my content is better than it has ever been and I feel like it is getting more attention than it ever has before and I really want to keep moving forward with this. The key has been to only create content that I love and would personally want to watch/read. I have put my heart and soul into my health posts and outfit photos and really want to push forward with these themes in 2017.
- On a less positive note in 2016 I got really sick. I won't go into to much detail once again because there is a huge amount of content shaped around this on my youtube channel so I'm just going to pop that below. Although being sick has obviously sucked I have made so many amazing connections from it. In 2017 I plan to become a volunteer for Arthritis Care - helping young people who are suffering with Arthritis. Meeting these people has been one of the most amazing things to ever happen to me and has really made me accept that I'm poorly and pulled me through, being around people who totally get it is so important. And, though my videos I have been able to connect with Uveitis sufferers all over the world and sharing our experiences has been incredible. 

When I was making this I realised how much has happened this year and how all these things have shaped me into me and excited to see what 2017 has in store!