Another Tooting Brunch ♡ The Graveney and Meadow ♡

If you didn't realise by now I love brunch, more specifically, Tooting Brunch! Here is my latest Tooting Brunch favourite. The Graveney and Meadow.
The Graveney and Meadow is part of the Antic gang, The Tram and Social (also Tooting) Dogstar (Brixton) and if you have been to any of these venues you will know that this pub/club/brunch venue chain rock the shabby chic theme. And of course the Graveney and Meadow is no exception. 
During the day it hosts the mummy crowd serving delicious brunches and the 'I work for myself' crowd hurriedly working away on their Mac Books Airs and drinking numerous flat whites. Ok…I'm really badly...but you get the idea. 
And by night the Graveney and Meadow turns into a lively pub playing 1920's tunes and serving yummy cocktails. You can also have dinner here, I've only ever gotten as far as chips but it looks very nice. On Fridays and Saturday nights it gets pretty busy, so if you fancy it, get there early and remember your ID, for gods sake!! 
Any ways back to the brunch, I don't need to go into to much detail. It's your standard things on toast! There's plenty of avocado - don't you worry! And it is of course like all Tooting brunch joints absolutely delicious! I went for egg on sour dough toast and added bacon. Super yummy and very affordable. And of course the coffee is yummy too!
Basically what I'm trying to say is this venue is great for both day time chilling and night time drinking. So give it a try if you're in the area! 
If you're a south London venue and would like me to review you! Get in touch!!