Borough Market ♡Ellen's in London♡

I recently visited Borough Market for the first time and I cannot believe I haven't done it before! I've lived in London my whole life and it's always been something I've said i'll do tomorrow and never gotten around too it. But I'm so happy I finally did…

So if you didn't know Borough Market is one of London's oldest and largest food markets, the perfect place for any foodie to visit when in London. The Market is open Monday-Saturday with a limited Market on Monday and Tuesdays. Borough Market is a stone through away from London Bridge station on the Northern Line and afterwards I would completely recommend a little walk along the South bank to walk off all the delicious samples you would have tried.
The Market hosts a wide range of food stalls, the cheese stands are of course my favourite. I would recommend heading over around lunch time as this place is going to make you ridiculously hungry and after you're finished with the main part of the market you can head outside where you can basically pick up whatever you feel like for lunch. There is such a variety of lunch time options, but of course with it being the iconic Borough Market it is on the more expensive side so do prepare for that. 
Borough Market was beautiful and exciting and fantastic and I would completely recommend visiting if youre in London.
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