Wimbledon Park Walks ♡A Cosy Outfit♡

Im suddenly enjoying how cold it is at the moment. I feel like I may possible be because of the unnecessary amount of coats I have purchased over the past few months or maybe I have just changed my out look and started to embrace winter fashion rather than counting down the days until I'm back in tiny little denim shorts.
Jumper - Primark // Gilet - Forever 21 (old) // Scarf - Fat Face // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Vivienne Westwood // Bag - Michael Kors 
I feel like I possibly spent my 2016 purchasing clothes specially for blog purposes. Deciding what outfits would be most popular, most up to date and make me look sexiest to get the most views on my blog. In 2017 I won't be doing that! As a blogger I feel so much pressure to be as good as the best of them and I feel that lead my to stray away from myself. This year I have decided to focus on taking beautiful photographs in situations that I am genuinely in, in outfits that I genuinely wear rather than planning locations and outfits for blog. Basically, I want to take this back to basics and make this a place I want to look at and look back on rather than a place I think everyone wants to see…because lets be real there are enough of these on the internet, we don't need another one.
So anyways, here is a cosy outfit I wore for a park walk recently, I got very lucky that the lighting was beautiful and couldn't resist snapping away.
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