Feel Unique Pick 'n' Mix ♡A Free Beauty Box♡

Feel Unique Pick 'n' Mix
I recently discovered the Feel Unique Pick 'n' Mix! It's basically a section of Fell Unique where you get to pick 5 samples of high end makeup or beauty products and all you have to do is pay P&P!!!!
Its amazing, I received all of the above in my box and all I paid was £3.95 delivery charges. The unfortunate thing…and obviously very sensible.. is that you only get to pick samples once a month. However, they have loads of great options to choose from. I'm going to try and get less packet samples next month though and try and focus on getting one little bottles of things!
I am in NO WAY a beauty blogger so I won't even try and review these products for you but I basically just wanted to tell you about the box as it has allowed me to try so many great products without the price tag.