La Bodega Negra ♡Seriously Sexy Mexican Food♡

La Bodega Negra, a mexican resturant more or less in the heart of Soho's party district. Far too cool to need a sign so instead opts for this sex shop exterior to welcome you.
A foodies paradise, this London gem serves Mexican food in a tapas/share style. The menu is small so choices are easy…you basically just need one of everything! 
Starting with the space, its small and intimate, you're very close to everyone around you. I feel this creates a great atmosphere but would be something to consider if this isn't your thing. The low lighting adds to this sense of intimacy, this restaurant would be an ultimate date spot, with the quirky entrance being a great starting point for conversation. You obviously don't have to take a date there…we did dinner with the girls and this worked just as well.
The drinks menu is quite a bit longer than the food menu, the go to drink is supposable the jug of Tequila however we opted for a jug of Margaritas that was delicious and split perfectly between the six of us. 
Food wise we went for a selection of Taco's all probably some of the best Taco's I HAVE EVER TASTED!! And the tuna Ceviche, also insanely delicious. The food was basically ridculously good, although everything is pretty small and the price tag is pretty high so take this into consideration if you're taking someone who like a lot of food.
Overall, we had an amazing experience at La Bodega Negra and all agreed that a return visit would be happening in the near future.