Street Food in Tooting ♡ Tooting Pop ♡

A few weekends ago  visited Tooting Pop, one of Tooting's new and exciting ventures!

Warm and Casual ♡ Southbank Outfit ♡

Kreuzberg Berlin Outfit ♡Ellen's in Berlin♡

Three Days in Berlin ♡Ellen's in Berlin♡

Hey guys! So I've decided to round up my Berlin Vlogs by putting together a post quickly bullet pointing what we did each day whilst we were in Berlin. Hopefully this can help to give you some ideas of how much you can do if you are visiting the city for this short amount of time.

Alternative Berlin Tours ♡Ellen's in Berlin♡

On our second day in Berlin we took the Real Berlin Experience Tour with Alternative Berlin Tours. It is a walking tour so we decided it would be a great way to get to know the city and also get to find out some in depth information about the rich history of the city. 

We meet at Alexanderplatz outside the Starbucks below the TV tower - look out for the guys holding Alternative Berlin leaflets, you can't really miss them. 

Street Food Thursday ♡Ellen's in Berlin♡

We arrived in Berlin on a Thursday and wanted to throw ourselves into the action. I had read about Street Food Thursday on numerous blogs and websites and decided that it would just be silly not to go see what it was all about on our first night in the city. Street Food Thursday happens each Thursday...pretty obviously...and is located in Markt Halle Neun in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood. This very much felt like the trendy part of town and we visited this area a few times throughout our trip. 

Turtle Bay Croydon

Turtle Bay opened in Croydon recently. I was lucky enough to be invited to the press can read that post here to get an overview about the venue and the food.