Alternative Berlin Tours ♡Ellen's in Berlin♡

On our second day in Berlin we took the Real Berlin Experience Tour with Alternative Berlin Tours. It is a walking tour so we decided it would be a great way to get to know the city and also get to find out some in depth information about the rich history of the city. 

We meet at Alexanderplatz outside the Starbucks below the TV tower - look out for the guys holding Alternative Berlin leaflets, you can't really miss them. 

The alternative tour gives you a snapshot of Berlin's history:

  • Berlin´s Turkish quarters & local organic markets
  • Cafe districts, local shopping strips and creative spaces
  • The origins of the famous Berliner Currywurst, Doner Kebab and the legendary Prater Beer garden
  • Berlin´s most flamboyant & multicultural neighborhoods including Prenzlauerberg, Mitte, Friedrichshain & Kreuzberg)
  • Open air/underground galleries
  • Canals, parks, urban farms & guerilla gardens
  • Concealed courtyards and a mysterious water chamber /air raid shelter
*Above information taken from Alternative Tours Berlin Website

Our tour guide had such a vast knowledge of Berlin's history, a lot of it first hand from growing up with German parents and spending a lot of time in the city as a child. He has now lived in Berlin for the past five years and his passion and love for the city is infectious. We learnt so much on the tour that we almost looked at the city in a completely different light from the previous day we spent exploring it. 

For this tour you will need a U Bahn pass and your waking shoes. Although the tour didn't include as much walking as I would have expected during a four hour tour, witch I liked as I meant that anyone could come on the tour - you wouldn't need to be super super fit as your are not made to walk for miles on end. 

The Real Berlin Experience Tour was extremely informative and fun. There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and see a variety of parts of the city that would have taken a lot longer/would have remained undiscovered by us had we been exploring the city alone. I would completely recommend going on an alternative tour if you have the chance - they are also very affordable at only 12 euros per persons. 

If you'd like to watch what we got up to on the tour then head over to my YouTube channel where I vlogged my whole Berlin trip.  You can find lots more tips and ideas in the videos - and also just enjoy my wonderful personality first hand!...I joke of course...

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Disclaimer - the alternative Berlin tour was gifted to me - however all opinions are my own