Street Food Thursday ♡Ellen's in Berlin♡

We arrived in Berlin on a Thursday and wanted to throw ourselves into the action. I had read about Street Food Thursday on numerous blogs and websites and decided that it would just be silly not to go see what it was all about on our first night in the city. Street Food Thursday happens each Thursday...pretty obviously...and is located in Markt Halle Neun in the Kreuzberg neighbourhood. This very much felt like the trendy part of town and we visited this area a few times throughout our trip. 

We were staying in Potsdamer Platz and we found using the U Bahn train system super easy and efficient, it only took us around 20 minuets to get down to Markt Halle Neun. I would completely recommend using the U Bahn to get around the city - the system is very easy, fast and affordable. We were lucky that our Welcome Cards allowed to travel around the city for free the whole time we were  there. It was very strange having to get used to not touching in and out like you have to with the London tube system. Berlin basically trust you to have a ticket but if you're caught without one you can be slapped with a hearty fine or even time in jail so I'd say it's probably worth purchasing the extremely affordable ticket.  

When we arrived after a short journey from our hotel we followed the crowds of people who were quite clearing heading in the same direction. 

We arrived around 8pm and the venue was already very busy, filled with people standing around chatting, eating and drinking. The energy of the place was lots of fun so we decided to get a drink,  wonder around the numerous stalls and decide what we wanted for dinner. There was everything you could have possibly wanted...I mean everything and great choices for Vegans and Vegetarians too. I had already been stalking Instagram and had decided I was having dessert for dinner and Sam was going to try and find some dumplings. Everything we ate was delicious, really reasonably priced and the beer was delicious too. 

Thursday Street Food market was such an amazing way to spend our first evening in the Berlin. It gave us a great taste ( pun intending) of what Berlin has to offer. A glimpse at the energy of the city that we were going to experience over the next few days. I would completely recommend this if you're in Berlin on a Thursday. 

Location - Eisenbahnstrasse 42 10997 Berlin
Time - Every Thursday 17:00 - 22:00

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Disclaimer - I was gifted the Berlin Welcome Card however all opinions are my own.