Brick & Liquor Tooting ♡ Cocktails with Ellen ♡

Apologies in advance about this post being so ridiculously photo heavy…and this was me insanely editing my selection – this place is just so damn photogenic!

So..if you hadn’t already guessed from the title or from the retweet on twitter that probably lead you to this post today we are chatting about my recent visit to Brick and Liquor, a new-ish cocktail bar in Tooting Broadway.

If you aren’t reading this because you are already fabulously in love with Tooting and just stumbled upon it through a happy accident then let me give you a brief overview. Tooting Broadway is a little area of South London full of personality that has of course fallen into the hand of gentrification with its trendy little bars, coffee shops, restaurants and of course it has been amazing watching it grow and evolve…so if you haven’t got your ass down this side of the river to visit us already you probably should!

First impressions - Brick and Liquor is beautifully decorated. The Bar is based on the neighborhood feel of New York City’s West Village…a place very close to my heart..(I’ll leave my NYC posts below) and this actually feels very genuine. The aesthetic is very close to many bars you would find in Manhattan along with the friendly and lively atmosphere.

We sampled a wide variety of cocktails and I couldn’t fault any of them! My favorite being the Capulet’s Garden – I’m such a sucker for Prosecco and this drink was so light and refreshing. All the cocktails are creative and original (the Salted Caramel Old Fashioned comes with a insanely yummy brownie!!!) and made using syrups created in house adding a completely unique edge.

The food was also flawless and really social. Everything is made for sharing making it a great addition to your table. We went for the veggie platter, easily one of the most delicious veggie platters I have ever eaten! And I’ve eaten a lot…I would completely recommend trying it even if it’s just for the delicious veggie scotch eggs.

Over all I would completely recommend this place to a friend, the cocktails were great, the food was great and it makes the perfect Instagram picture! And I also haven’t mentioned yet, on Thursdays you can shake your own cocktail! I will be doing this in the near future!

On a side note to my actually very positive review of this venue I would like to comment on something on the about section of Brick and Liquors website – they refer to the space before they entered it as a “a run-down little unit“ this space was actually filled by a Filipino Store, one of very few in the city that was widely used by the Filipino community in the area. Although it was maybe a little run down it was pretty amazing to be able to pop down to your high-street and buy food you may never have known existed without it and offered another amazing element of cultural diversity to the high street, and I think that space was something unique to celebrated. Tooting Broadway was still just as amazing when it was completely full of little run down units.