To Being a Girlboss ♡ Netflix Chat & BooHoo OOTD ♡

So I just finished watching Girlboss on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, or haven't heard of it, it is the story (based very loosely on reality) of Sophia Amoruso the brains behind online store Nasty Gal. I thought this topic would fit nicely alongside this lush Boohoo top as Boohoo have recently bought Nasty Gal when the site filed for bankruptcy.

In terms of the show I wasn't overwhelmed - I actually skipped through quite a lot of it. The character of Sophia was hard to watch. She came across spoilt, unappreciative and frankly just a bit of a bitch. I spent most of the show hoping she didn't succeed because she just didn't seem to deserve it.

I would honestly have prefer that the show gave us a character who worked there f***ing ass off and not just at the jobs they want to be doing, because the reality for most people is that's not what real life's like. The biggest girl bosses...or just bosses in general I know are grafters and they work hard at everything they do. The Sophia character made it very clear that 'adulthood is where dreams go to die' and wanted to do something that meant she never really had to work again. 

We're taught to quit that job you hate and follow your dreams but who is this actually realistic for? The majority of people can't just do that and hope they find something they are fabulous at – there are bills to be paid!! much as I hate it, I see a lot of myself in the Sophia character and that's not the person I aspire to be. I was expecting this show to inspire me, push me and give me a kick to find what I want and fight to succeed at it. Instead it gave me a uninspiring lead who cried when she sold her favourite jacket on eBay. I guess I’m being such a little bitch about this show because I wanted so much more from it. The concept of the story has so much to give – a women who created something amazing out of nothing and did this in such a collaboratively and innovative way. Pushing the boundaries of what had been done in this industry before. If you want a trashy teen drama then Girlboss is probably something you’d enjoy but if you’re looking to watch a strong inspirational women do her thing I can recommend you an amazing Stacey Dooley documentary.

So anyways what I think of this Boohoo top is so far away from what I thought of Girlboss. This top is quite honestly my favourite thing at the moment and I hate having to take it off - it's so fun, comfortable and flattering. It looks easily dressed up when thrown over a pair of jeans. Basically it's the best! You should get one! 

Thanks for reading my casually extremely ranty post guys! See ya'll next Monday. Or if you can't wait till then! There's a new YouTube video every Wednesday at 8pm! 

Top - Boohoo // Jeans - Primark // Shoes - Zara // Sunglasses - Primark // Bag - White Stuff