When will I ‘make it’? ♡ Kenzo Outfit of the Day ♡

When will I ‘make it’?

In my previous ramblely chatty post I wrote about aspiration and what makes us want to follow someone and I think I would probably be lying to myself if I said that I never question if one day I would be aspirational to someone, if one day I’ll ‘make it’ like all the fantastic Girl Bosses I religiously stalk on the internet. Where’s my new book release? Or my collaborative clothing collection?!

But what does it really mean to ‘make it’ and how will I know when I have? I’ve realised recently that for me it really isn’t all about making it, it’s about appreciating what I have but always striving for more setting goals for myself and pushing myself to completely them whilst remaining positive and content…does that make sense…probably not…So I’ve decided to break it down a little bit – See below for ‘Ellen’s Guide to Making it!’

T Shirt - Kenzo x H&M // Jeans - Old Topshop // Shoes - Primark 

Setting Goals

I love a to-do list and I love setting goals for myself. I’m not really talking big goals like numbers or view counts more like, get that video filmed on time or get all my tweets scheduled for the next few days. Just doing these little things and fulfilling these small goals really help to build yourself and even build towards the big end goals if you have them too.

Staying Positive

One of the biggest ways I stay positive is to not constrain myself to timings. If you want something you don’t have to have it right this seconds. You have to continue to make positive steps until your goal is achieved this could take years or days but along as you’re moving it doesn’t matter – you’re going to get there.  Never see your self as a failure just someone on there way!

Being Grateful

Easy one – appreciate the things you do have and never take them for granted.

I understand that this doesn’t work for everyone and that’s the beautiful and complicated thing about life, not everyone does things the same way. Not everyone has the same outlook and there is never going to be a rulebook on how to complete life.  You’ve kinda just got to figure out what works for you, what makes you happy and RUN WITH IT.