My Favourite Bloggers/Youtubers ♡ Primark Summer Outfit ♡

In such an unstable blogger climate with growth being hard to come by and an Instagram algorithm, that is literally forcing people to fake it till they make it, I've noticed at trend that I'm super into. I've noticed more and more bloggers are shouting each other out! Raving about content creators they love and collaborating and hanging out with them. I know this has always been something that's happened in the blogging world but I do feel like I'm noticing it more than ever with simple things like twitter retweets. 

So I want to jump on board and feature my favourite content creators!

A few of my favs at the moment:

Siana Westley

Siana is not only one of my best mates but an amazing, amazing fashion blogger and youtuber. Her style is super quirky and fun. I would 100% recommend checking out her blog for her fashion photography and her youtube channel for super cute haul videos.


Sarah Ashcroft

Sarah Ashcroft is queen Instagram babe and I cant get enough of scrolling through her unimaginably perfect instagram! She is just stunning and seems like a super fun gal from her vlogs and I basically can't get enough.


Brogan Tate 

My favourite weekly vlog and lets be real she's everyones favourite isn't she. I love that Brogan takes you along on her life journey with her. I feel like we've been on a ride with Brogan - seen so many amazing, amazing highs and maybe a few lows and thats what makes her so so special. 


Shivon Makeup Biz 

This girls make up videos are just insane - she is so so so talented and deserves so much more recognition. She is one of the most hard working and devoted youtubers I know and we would all do well to have a little more shiv in us. She is on an American adventure at the moment so do go and check her insta for some beautiful USA snaps!

And a few more...

Sophie - Fashion Slave


Jess - Copper garden

Just a Uniform


There are so so many blogs I love but these are my most viewed at the moment! I feel like I'm pretty guilty of not reading as many blogs as I should so please please send over your links so I can find some new favs!

Thank you so much for stopping by guys! I would love to know who your favs are. As I said I'm always on the hunt for new blogs to read and vlogs to watch!