Is the blogging community still something I want to be part of? // Ellen’s in Vernet-Les-Baines South of France

I’m writing this as I sit in the front room of where I’m staying in the South of France, having on of those moments where I’m feeling blissfully happy and like a very lucky girl. These pictures are basically completely irrelevant to what I want to write about but there pretty so they can stay.

I’ve been noticing the past few weeks, as I read through Twitter with my extremely limited internet, that all everyone (blogging community wise..) is doing is bitching. There feels like there is an unbelievable amount of negativity in the blogging world at the moment and it’s becoming so disheartening…and pretty boring. It feels as though people are being attacked over and over and in my eyes just straight up being bullied and victimised.


I have read so many tweets, mainly people wanted ‘2013 blogging back’ what ever that means? I think it means basically people want to be back in a time when less people were blogging, it wasn’t a job for anyone it was just a hobby and yeah I guess it probably was more fun back then…more tangible, more real. The connections you were making probably weren’t based on numbers or status and yes that probably made what you were doing feel a lot more credible.

But the industry has grown now; it’s becoming a job for so many people and that’s bloody amazing in my eyes. I understand there are probably issues with the ‘types’ of people who ‘make it’ but that’s a whole other conversation and doesn’t say anything negative about the people themselves. They have just worked hard and put there life, soul and so much passion into a immensely and notoriously difficult to brake industry. It does probably say a lot about society but that’s again a whole other conversation.

Anyways, I’m as always not really making a point! I basically just want to write and put pretty pictures and videos on the Internet and I do want to be part of the community. I have made some amazing friends through blogging but all the negativity within the industry at the moment is putting me off completely. I know there are probably so many lovely women blogging who are ignoring all the bulls*** and just getting on with what they love doing and I think this is what I want to – I basically need to stop scrolling through twitter and wondering why people are so nasty and angry and just get on with my what I love to do and remember why I started doing in the first place. 

And to obviously remember that there are so many amazing bloggers and the community has so many amazing positives that I shouldn't be ignoring!! I did write this post a few weeks ago when it all felt really really negative and disheartening to read some of the things people were saying on twitter - this does actually seem to have died down now :) 

So swings and roundabouts basically....
On another note these pictures were taken in the beautiful town of Vernet Les Baines in the south of France. This place was so beautiful, peaceful and it has been an absolute joy spending the past few weeks here. I wont even bother linking the outfit because it's just far too old. I did vlog my time in France and I will leave the link to the first video below - I have two more instillments coming you're way and these will be going up wednesday and friday so feel free to subscribe to stay updated.