What do I want to write about? // Affordable Floral Dress /

I started to write this post with a plan to chat about my pretty yellow floral dress but as I began to think about what I wanted to say I had a thought. Does anyone actually care what I have to say about this dress? Is it helpful or insightful? Do I even really care what I have to say about this dress? I don’t really…once I’ve got past the point where I let you know that the dress I pretty, flattering and super comfortable, there isn’t much more you really need to know.

This got me onto thinking – what do I actually want to write about on here? I am by no means a writer, I actually find writing really difficult. But, recently I’ve really started to love it. I’m finding it harder and harder to find time to film youtube videos and I found it has become easier for me to get my point across on here rather than in videos. My only problem is I am finding it quite hard to find inspiration for topics to talk about. I feel as though I’ve adopted this rambely post style that I am loving and I hope you’re all enjoying reading but I just need some inspiration for my latest rambles.

I’ve basically decided I’m bored of telling you how pretty my outfit are in every post and want to give you something with a little more substance! I want to write about things that are going on around me or things that I’m finding interesting or just talk about some great tweets if read recently!! (…total reoccurring post idea right there!)  I feel like I’ve realised recently there is so much more to blogging than just pretty pictures and aspirational lifestyles – there’s an amazing platform to share your thoughts and feels and I want to move in that direction.

Dress - New Look (similar) // Shoes - EGO 

I hope you’re all interested in this and if you have any ideas of stuff I could talk about or anything you would like to know then please feel free to comment here or drop me a tweet or email!! I look forward to hearing from you!!