I'm Weekly Vlogging!

Hey Everyone! So I’ve decided that I’m weekly vlogging! Again…

I have tried to be a weekly vlogger many times. If you search back through my Youtube Channel you will see a couple of videos titles ‘Weekly Vlog 01’ and the video below is no exception. Although I adore weekly vlogging I admire anyone who can keep at it. But, having said that, that is my intention going forward.

Images by - Siana Westley 

I have quit weekly vlogging so many times purely because I felt like my life was too boring to bother with it. Is anyone actually interested in what I do on a weekly basis…maybe not. But, I love watching people just living their normal day lives and I also love watching myself back living my every day life. I love that I have a collection of different points of my life all stored in one place and I love being able to watch them back and see everything that has changed.  I feel like my life is moving and changing a lot at the moment and I really want to document it – for my viewers and for myself.

Top - New Look // Jeans - New Look // Shoes - Sophia Webster // Bag - Michael Kors

I feel as though weekly vlogging gives us the opportunity to really get to know the people we watch on Youtube and I love this. I hope me weekly vlogs allow you to get to know me a little better and allow me to show more of my personality than I do in my normal Wednesday video. If you haven’t already you can watch my first weekly vlog below and tune into my YouTube channel every Sunday at 5pm to stay updated!