My London Bucket List

I've always been so obsessed over making travel bucket lists and I've been thinking recently I live in one of the greatest cities in the world and I need to start exploring it more. So here are my top 10 London things to do before the year ends! 

Yoga at Sky Garden

I heard about this recently and I cannot think of a more amazing place in London to do Yoga. I know this would leave me feeling amazing for the whole weekend so will definitely be booking in for a Saturday morning in the near future.

Brunch at Farm Girl in Notting Hill

I have heard amazing things about the food and aesthetic of this place. I know I will have to queue for a while to get in but from my understanding it is 10000000% worth the wait1!

Saturday Morning Park Run on Tooting Common

I've wanted to do this for a while so once my running is up to a slightly better level I will be trying to participate as many weekends as I can. 

Move in with my Boyfriend and my Sister

More of a personal one but I cannot wait to be living with my two favourite people.

Press the Champagne Button at Bob Bob Ricards

This has to be my Birthday plan so we may have to wait till December to tick this one off the bucket list. The food in this place is meant to be incredible but the button is 100% the most iconic thing about this restaurant. 

Buy Peonies from Columbia Road Flower Market

It just looks so pretty and cool!!

Ride a Boris Bike (or what ever we call them now!)

I honestly cannot believe I have never done this!! Would love to get this done before the summer is over as I just don't know if it will be the same in the winter. However, an autumnal bike ride could be quite romantic. 

Take a tour of Camden Town Brewery 

I loved the Heineken tour in Amsterdam and I'm sure this will be very different but also very fun! Who would want to see how there fav beer is made - also you get a free Hells on the door! Must get get this booked in soon.

Go and see a Play

Because I haven't seen one in years and London is full of an abundance of amazing theatre that I should not be letting pass me by!

Ice Skate at Somerset House

Because it looks magical!

I will be blogging every single one of these activities with an aim to get them all ticked off by the end of the year. If you think I've missed anything then please leave it in the comments below! I look forward to knowing what's on your bucket list!