Was starting my blog the best decision I ever made?

The answer to the question in my title is most defiantly yes. However, I do feel like this post may need a little more substance to it than that. I basically want to just chat about the reason why if anyone says "I think I might start a blog" I basically scream 'you really have to' at them. 

When I say 'my blog' I really mean ellensinwonderland as a whole - my complete online presence over all of my social media platforms. 

Starting ellensinwonderland has grown my confidence like crazy! It has given me a platform where I can talk about all the things that I'm passionate about and made me realise that people are passionate about these things too. My true love for YouTube and blogger was realised this time last year when I had a huge uveitis flare up. I took to the Internet and made a video about my experiences. This was probably one of first, maybe the first, video on the interweb of a young person taking about this rare condition. From this video I have spoken to so many other young people going through the same health stuff as me. I never would have found them and been able to create this community if it hadn't been for my already sort of established social media platforms. 

But this goes for finding anyone who is interested in what you are. No matter what you write about their will always be someone else who is interested in it and it will always start a conversation. Whether it’s about the newest lip stick or what you ate on the weekend, this is a place that everyone can have a voice. Basically in a nutshell blogging allows us to build communities with people all around the world and talk about the things we love together. And I love it!