Hitting 10K on Youtube?!

So obviously I actually have no idea how to hit 10k on YouTube and haven't hit 10k on Youtube #clickbait...but if you do have any ideas I would love to know. 

This is more a post about setting goals for myself - I feel like this is something I have briefly attempted to do/spoken about doing a lot but never actually done. And basically I would really love to hit 10k on YouTube by the end of this year. I think this mile stone is a lot further away than 4 months but I don't see the harm in aiming high. What's that saying...shoot for the stars, if you fall at least you land amongst the clouds. I don't think that's right but you get the idea. 

What advice would I give my past blogger self?

What advice would I want to give to baby Ellensinwonderland?? I mean I obviously think she was great but there is a few things she could have done a bit differently!