Hitting 10K on Youtube?!

So obviously I actually have no idea how to hit 10k on YouTube and haven't hit 10k on Youtube #clickbait...but if you do have any ideas I would love to know. 

This is more a post about setting goals for myself - I feel like this is something I have briefly attempted to do/spoken about doing a lot but never actually done. And basically I would really love to hit 10k on YouTube by the end of this year. I think this mile stone is a lot further away than 4 months but I don't see the harm in aiming high. What's that saying...shoot for the stars, if you fall at least you land amongst the clouds. I don't think that's right but you get the idea. 

So how am I going to do it!? I actually have  no idea really but one thing I am 100% going to be doing is a collab month! I did this once on my channel many many years ago and I am still friends with so many of the people I collaborated with! So I want to do it again!! And I want you so be involved!! So if you're a Youtuber and you think are channels would fit then please please get in touch so we can film videos together!! 

I love meeting new Youtubers and I love hanging out with my old Youtuber friends so this is the perfect excuse to do so!! 

So basically October will be collab month! Maybe it will help me hit 10k maybe it won't but I know for sure I'll have a hell of a a lot of fun doing it!!