What advice would I give my past blogger self?

What advice would I want to give to baby Ellensinwonderland?? I mean I obviously think she was great but there is a few things she could have done a bit differently! 

Be consistent

Stop 'giving up' and just keep doing what you're doing because it's working. I've changed my blog and YouTube theme so many times. I've never really (until now) decided what I actually want to be talking about. Can you believe I used to make makeup videos!? No me neither...I had a serious problem with maintaining a schedule and a theme - my viewers never knew when I was posting or what to expect from my content. I hope they do now but it's 100% still a work in progress. 

Be everywhere 

Make more blogging friends and interact with them!! This is something I actually still want to do more of now. I love hanging out with other bloggers and youtuber because it's so nice to be with people who understand why you broadcast your whole life on the internet and are totally ok to chat about it for hours!!

This also implies to my other social media platforms - I NEVER used my twitter account when I first started! I didn't think anyone cared about my everyday rambles. But when I discovered twitter chats I realised what an amazing platform twitter was for finding/growing your audience and keeping them up to date! 

Be a brand

I think this probably goes back to my first point of my content and image being a bit all over the place. None of my headers matched on any of my platforms. Keeping your branding consistent makes your memorable and clean, professional looking branding will keep people coming back. This also goes for your content - is this branded? Is what you're talking about consistent and relevant to yourself and your audience. I think I am just finding my feet with this now, talking about what you love always helps.

Have fun!  

I mean I've always done this but it's 100% the most important part of everything I do online!!