Changes to Ellens in Wonderland

I’ve decided to make some changes to what we do and talk about here on ellensinwonderland. It honestly won’t be effecting my blog to much as fashion is all I now talk about here but it will change the content on my YouTube channel. I have noticed that my video themes are very much all over the place at the moment and you guys never know what you’re going to get on Wednesday at 8pm. 

I have decided that what I love talking about is fashion. It’s my main passion, the reason I started my blog, what I studied at uni, what I do for a living. I basically live and breath shopping and style watching and I don’t feel as though that is reflected in my content. So, my blog is already completely fashion focused so I will be moving my YouTube channel in the same way. I have decided to focus on look books, hauls and come shopping with me’s. I would also love to do monthly fashion favourites. 

I would also love to know what you guys would be interested in seeing from me!? If you have anything your interested to see me talk about then please let me know here or on YouTube or on twitter? I would love to know!

Outfit - Primark
Bag - Michael Kors Bedford Satchel

I won’t be quitting my health content if that’s something you follow me for but I will be moving all health updates onto the Arthur’s Place YouTube channel so do go check them out and give them a subscribe if that is what you follow me for. 

Looking forward to you guys joining me on my new journey with ellensinwonderland!