Blogging and Working Full Time

So, I blog very much as a hobby! Although I make money through sponsored content here and there. More frequently than before now as I’ve just moved out (London is super expensive...and a girl gotta feed her shopping addiction!) But, I never see blogging turning into my full time job. Mainly because I already adore my full time job and the idea of being freelance and having to manage taxes scares the sh** outta me. I do however adore blogging and spend basically all my free time working on it. 

When you have a full time job it becomes very difficult to put out the content you know you are capable of creating and this is something I find extremely frustrating. I feel like I’ve got all these fun and exciting ideas and absolutely no time to execute them! This however, is something I have found easier to manage recently as I have narrowed down what I am making my content about.

Jacket - Thrifted // Trousers // Trainers

So, here are my tips on how I manage to blog consistently and maintain a 9-5:

Content themes - now my content is centred around one topic. All things fashion! It has become so much easier to plan videos and get good at a certain type of filming, editing and photography. Having a style makes your use of time much more efficient as you know exactly what style you are putting out there. What works and what doesn’t. 

Time management - managing my time is a skill I have perfected during my blogging career. I have learnt to tell the difference between the important things on the to-do list and the URGENT things on the to-do list. Obviously everyones priorities are different. So, it is all about finding what yours are and working to those.

Have a brake! - when your hobby is so involved in your everyday life it because really hard to step back and realise you’re working way to hard. You need to take a step back sometimes and re-evaluate your content and your time. Having time for you without documenting it is ok. It took me a long time to realise this one. 

I adore blogging but sometimes I do have to remember that for me if I take it too seriously I kill it for myself. So, Ellen, if you ever feel like you’re doing this, read this post!