How am I getting on with my London Bucket List?!

So, you may be wondering how I'm getting on with my London Bucket List....

Yoga at Sky Garden

Not yet done - thinking of booking this to start off my Birthday Weekend! That means it will probably be in a vlog so look out for that.

Brunch at Farm Girl in Notting Hill

Done! Didn't actually enjoy the food that much but loved the coffee and the place itself was beautiful!

Saturday Morning Park Run on Tooting Common

Lots of weekend runs have happened but haven't yet made it to this one.

Jumper - Primark // Bag - Coach // Gilet - Matalan // Sunglasses - Celine

Move in with my Boyfriend and my Sister

Done!! And couldn't be happier about this one!

Press the Champagne Button at Bob Bob Ricards

We couldn't book a table for my birthday as you're not allowed tables of more than 8 but will defo try and fit this in, in the next month. 

Buy Peonies from Columbia Road Flower Market

So as you can tell from the pictures in this post I completed this one. However, I didn't buy peonies but I did spend a lot of money on house plants and the beautiful flowers I'm holding.

Ride a Boris Bike (or what ever we call them now!)

Done and 100% will be doing this again! Such a fun and affordable way to see the city.

Take a tour of Camden Town Brewery 

So, I'm not really drinking too much any more and this was quite an unexpected change in my life so I may swap this one out for something else. This just shows how much can change in a matter of months! 

Go and see a Play

Another thing I have planned for my birthday so not yet ticked off.

Ice Skate at Somerset House

Will be booking this ASAP no the Christmas season is upon us!

I would love to know what you have planned in your city before the end of the year?!

Love, Elle x