The Death of my Laptop // Styling Velour Culottes //

So about a month ago my laptop broke. I’d bought this laptop with my own money before starting university..many years ago..I won’t go into how many. It was the most expensive thing I have ever purchased and it has seen me through the start of my blogging/YouTube journey, until now. Even on the day of its death I was mid video upload. 

So basically I was extremely upset when my laptop stopped working and it made me think about the relationship I have with my possessions. Is it normal? Is it healthy?

I think a big part of my sadness about my laptop was that fact that it was such a huge part of my life. Blogging and YouTube make me so happy and I spend every free moment I have doing this stuff and without a laptop that would be completely taken away. I guess it’s like telling someone with a gym hobby, the gym burnt down and you can’t do it again until you spend lots of money on a new gym. 

So basically the moral of my little story I have chosen to talk about in this post is...when my laptop died I realised how important my blog is to me! 

If you’re new here or are someone who just reads my blog then you might not know that I also have a YouTube channel where I talk about all things fashion. I will be doing vlogmas over December where I will be uploading follow me around vlogs twice weekly!! And I can’t wait. You can head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe to be updated on future videos!

Culottes - Uniqlo // Coat - Primark // Shoes - Nike // Jumper - ASOS // Phone Case - Ideal of Sweden

Love, Elle x