Why is not drinking Alcohol so difficult?! // Styling Evans Party-Wear //

So, to start/disclaimer I am by no means an alcoholic but I have just recently been questioning my relationship with alcohol. 

I have always been someone who has loved a drink. And not in an enjoys fine wines sort of way, more in a loves being drunk sort of way! So, anyways I have basically always been a big binge drinker, I have found it hard to stop at one drink. But, I’ve never really thought about this being an issue until recently. I feel like we live in a world where binge drinking in completely normalised - to the point where the fact that you’re not drinking is more shocking than the fact that you’re drinking enough to vomit into a pint glass at the bar…

So, you’re probably thinking “Ellen! Why are you talking about this on your blog today” Well…I recently have dramatically cut down my drinking and it has been way more difficult than I was excepting! 

My new medication for my numerous health issues is recommended not to be mixed with Alcohol so the party girl in me was put away to help me get better. Doing this has made me realise how much of our social lives revolve around alcohol. I had no ideas how hard I would find it be sit and watch people get drunk and not be able to get as involved as I would like. I can still have an occasional beer or glass of wine but I have to be careful with my alcohol intake. I feel as though sometimes I don't even want to have just one because I know how hard it is to stop after that.

At first I found this insanely frustrating and couldn't wait to be off my medication so I could party as hard as everyone else but I’m getting to point now where I am really appreciating being the sober one without a hang over in the morning. I remember the days of having hangovers so bad that I couldn't even move my head without throwing up and I don't miss these in the slightest. I feel like alcohol had such a control over my weekend that it would take over my Friday night and leave me bed bound in a state of sorrow of the next two days. I now appreciate my weekend in a way I didn't before.

It has basically taken me giving up on alcohol to realise that my relationship with it was weird and it is now something that I will always consider when picking up a glass. It’s sad that it has taken my body being mad at me to realise this but I’m happy I have now and am happy to take on all the questions I get when I order a soda water and fresh lime at a bar instead of a Gin and Tonic. 

With Christmas coming were drinking more and more of the stuff! I am loving this amazing festive blazer from Evans - its perfect for all those Christmas Parties and Festive events that will be engolufing every element of out lives very shortly!

Love Elle x