Can I get back into Blogging?? Featuring

So I’ve taken a big break from my little blog. And I sadly haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would. I’ve missed having the creative outlet but all I’ve thought about is putting my energy back into my YouTube videos and sticking to a schedule on there to make great content for you all!

So I’ve decided in 2018 to take a bit of a back seat on my blog and focus on YouTube. YouTube was the first thing I started doing online (...after MySpace and tumblr of course) and it was what made me fall in love with social media. I can see the positives and negatives of the platform but I know that for me it is a massive part of my life and I don’t want anything to get in the way of me creating content for it. 

I feel if I take a back seat on my blog for a while, only posting when I have something I really want to write, that it will take the pressure off my social media platforms and allow me to focus on making content I love. 

For 2018 Youtube will be my main social media platform! I will also of course post everything on my Instagram and story there so you can keep up to date, so do go follow over there if YouTube isn’t your thing. 

Top - JD Williams* // Coat - JD Williams *

I’ll add some of my recent vlogs below so you can check those out if you’re not yet subscribed. I will be back to posting every Wednesday at 8pm with random Sunday vlogs going forward! 
I’ve got some exciting travel plans this year so I will of course be vlogging these along with my usual fashion content!

In regards to what I'm wearing in this post the top and jacket (links above) were kindly gifted to me by JD Williams. I adore the fit and style of both pieces - see link below to lots more fantastic JD Williams Coats and Jackets!

Womens Winter Coats 

So happy 2018 everyone! I’m looking forward to making it a fun one! Hope you all are too!


*This post includes paid promotion