Is Ellens in Wonderland a lifestyle blogger?


I haven't posted on my blog in about six months and my GOD do I miss it!!

I have spent the past six months throwing myself into my ‘real life’ job and have completely neglected my social media space. My instagram has become much more personal and much less about my blog/youtube channel and my blog has been completely neglected. I have, however, occasionally posted on YouTube, so thank you if you've been keeping up with that!

As much as I’ve missed my time spent to the internet I think this time out has made me realise what is important to me and what I want this space to be. I haven't yet decided on the exact name for my niche but I have decided what it will entail and the closest thing that I would say sums it all up would have to be ‘lifestyle’. 

So, where do I see this blog going? What do I want to talk about?!

I want to talk about travel! I want to share all my travel experiences with you. This is something I have always been doing on here but I want it to be more a prominent aspect. And when I am not traveling I want to talk about places in London that I am visiting. I am privileged to live in one of the most exciting cities in the world (in my of course bias opinion) and I would be crazy to not make this a feature on my blog.

I also want to talk about my experiences with dating. I’ve been single now since around May last year and I want to chat about it. I used to use my online space to vent about my love life and I’ve missed it massively! 

My final main topic will be body confidence and health. If you've been following my social media for a while you will know that I have Arthritis and have spent a lot of time on the internet talking about it. I want to continue to do this and build this community. This condition is a very prominent part of my life and has changed me in many ways and I cannot ignore it. In addition to this I want to talk about body confidence, how I’ve struggled with this myself and how I try and build my confidence up. This isn’t something I’ve spoken about massively before but I want to build on this in 2019.

Jacket and Skirt - Primark // Jumper - Sisters and Seekers // Shoes - Dr Matens (AFF LINK)

In terms of a schedule for my posts I don't feel like this is something I will be able to commit too currently. Ideally I would love to post once weekly on here (maybe more) and once weekly on my youtube channel but unfortunately as all bloggers who work full time know, life sadly sometimes gets in the way of all this.

So, if these topics are something you would be interested in following then feel free to follow me over on my instagram to stay up to date with when I am posting!

Looking forward to hanging out with you online!

Mad Love! Elle x