Is this my Final Primark Haul? | The Start of my Sustainable Fashion Journey

So today I posted a Primark Haul I filmed a week or so ago. I have committed to regularly posting Primark hauls on my channel due to the amount of views and new subscribers they attract. But, recently my mindset on fast fashion has changed dramatically.

I'm not going to sit here and write about all the ways fast fashion is bad for the environment and many people who work in the industry. (I’m just going to leave the below link to a amazing blog post all about it…)

I am not saying that I will never again shop in stores such as Primark but I want to drastically change the way I shop. As a blogger I am constantly obsessed with having something new to wear for the ‘gram and due to this it means I buy a massive amount of clothing, some of which only is worn a few times before heading off to the charity shop & this is something I really want to change. If I buy something from now on I want it to be because I completely adore it and know that it is something I will have in my wardrobe for years to come! I would also like to start shopping at more ethical/sustainable brands and will be making an effort to find these. Along with shopping from charity shops/vintage store more regularly, but overall just reducing the amount I shop as a whole.
I really hope that this is something that you will all be interested in following and I do not want to come across at all preachy or judgey with this. I am also on a journey to educate myself on the fashion industry and how best to shop in the way I want to and am of course no expert in this field. I want to document how I am changing the way I shop and my journey with this.
So, I can confirm going forward my blog/vlog will be less Primark Hauls and a lot more outfit repeating!

Mad Love, Elle xx

*(Aff links)* Jacket - Kings of Indigo // Dress - Primark // Bag - Loewe // Boots - Dr Martens