Sooo..I've Quit my Job to Backpack around South East Asia

Why I decided to do it?

I've always loved to travel and backpacking is something I've been thinking about doing for years but I've always felt like it hasn't been the right time. I'm turning 28 in a few weeks and what i've realised in my almost 28 years of being alive is that there will never be a right time! So, a few months ago we booked our one way ticket to Southern Thailand and told our jobs we wont be back for a while.

I am not backpacking alone (thank god!) I've got my friend Emily along with me for the ride. Everything is better with your best mate right!?
Whats our plan?

We are starting in Thailand and the only other country we have booked is Indonesia, we will be spending Christmas & New Years in Bali. The rest we are just going to figure out on the way, we have a slight plan but you're just going to have to keep up with the Youtube Videos to see where we end up going! 

As I am righting this we have our next few weeks planned in Thailand. We are currently in Koh Lanta & we will be heading in Bangkok next (we've only experienced Beach life in Thailand so far and as city gals were ready for a bit of city life).
How we saved for our trip?

If is a questioned I asked A LOT of people before we left for this trip & received a lot of mixed responses. We have budgeted that we will need £1000 per month on this trip however this of course totally dependant on your life style while you travel. We plan on staying a mix of hotels and hostels so have had to budget for this.

What content can you expect?

So, I've got myself a Thai Sim (AIS - couldn't recommend this more highly) so I constantly posting to instagram stories & as Youtube is my main platform I have decided to set myself a challenge of uploading to Youtube 3 TIMES A WEEK!! I know...what am I doing to myself!? Below is the first episode of the Thailand series and I really proud of the content what is going to be coming your way. I am going to try and make my content as informative as possible so that if you're thinking of doing something similar to us then you can follow in our footsteps. 

I really, really hope you enjoy the video's i've got coming up and I'm working on putting together a little Thailand Travel Guide at the end of our trip so you can expect that at a later date!

Mad Love, Elle