What is Keeping me Positive & Motivated in Self Isolation?

'I'm thinking, once I learn to grow right where I'm planted

Maybe that's when life starts getting good'

Lauren Alaina - Getting Good

As someone who is both high risk & has just lost their job I could be quite easily be falling apart at this point. I mean we are only a few weeks into this whole ordeal but at this moment I’m remaining pretty positive so I thought I would put together my tips for how I’m keeping my spirits up.

I of course know that this is a very personal time for everyone so these suggestions are just what is working for me!! I’ve gone more in depth on these points in my youtube video but I’ve put together a little list of what is working for me!

Content Creating 

This couldn’t not be at the top of the list - I can quite safely say that my social media platforms keep me sane. They have done so through so many parts of my life and if you know me personally or maybe even just keep up to date on my content you know how passionate I am about it, my youtube channel in particular. This is my main hobby, I sometimes use the example of, some people play a sport, I make videos. So, if you don’t have a platform like this then maybe consider what your biggest hobby is and how can you push more of your time and energy to loving this even more.
I totally get that not everyone has a hobby like this but maybe have a think about something you enjoy and now we’ve got more time you could put more time into.

Having a Schedule 

Getting Ready Every Day

Finding a New Hobby

What have you been putting off learning how to do? We’ve all been given back something so precious (time) so use it to do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Facetime Dates 

Don’t forget to stay connected with friends and family! Social media has made this so easy to do so take advantage of it and make sure everyone you love is ok!

Practice Self Care

I’ve been using a face mask super often, doing at home work outs & eating well!
So many people are doing great instagram live work outs!

Sandy from Sandy Makes Sense has made a great video on this:

And here are some of my favs:

Do that at Home Project You’ve been Putting Off

I forgot to mention this one in my video but I’ve been working on my garden & decluttering the house! But this could be a wardrobe clear out or that DIY project you’ve been putting off! 

Help Each Other

We have a WhatsApp group on our road for sharing help and information, a great way to bring everyone around you together. 

Next Door is a great app & website for checking in on your local community. 

Appreciating How Much Time I Get For Me & Realise Everyone is Feeling This in There Own Way!

And I think the most important part of this is don’t put too much pressure on yourself!! I’ve been doing all these things because they feel right for me & they make me happy and take my mind off the horrible situation that is going on in the world. But, what you need could be completely different from this - so listen to your mind and your body and work out what works for you. Getting through this isn’t a one size fits all plan, none of us were expecting to be where we are now & it has effected each and every one of us to different degrees. We just have to muddle through and do what’s right for us, don’t compare your journey to what someone else is doing on social media or one of your friends!