Whats on my Post Lockdown Travel Buck-List!?

Obviously we have absolutely no idea when we're going to be coming out of this situation the poor, poor planet has found itself in but as someone who is always dreaming of the next destination I wanted to create a small but perfect list of where I’ll be jetting off too once we’re allowed to go further than the back garden!

I’m going to use a bunch of other creators videos in this blog post to explain why I want to give these places a visit so go check them all out.

The Staycation

The more sustainable way to travel & maybe more achievable depending on when borders start to open again! 

Margate - England 

I have now been to Margate twice on day trips & have totally fallen in love with this place. It is quirky & creative and I can’t get enough. I’d really like to do a long weekend here in the summer to truly embrace everything Margate has to offer. My two trips so far have both been in the winter time so I’ve missed out on the iconic Dreamland and this is somewhere I would really like to check out. Also, having a swim in the sea swimming pool would be a really cool experience.

Snowdonia National Park - Wales

This place has been on my bucket list for a while mainly because it just looks so so beautiful & is relatively easily accessible from London. 
I found these really great looking tours called Rabbies that I would totally considering doing when I plan this trip!

North Wales Travel Vlog - Conway Castle & Snowdonia - SandyMakesSense

The Return to the Second Home

I am ridiculously lucky to have family in many different parts of the world. I hate that being able to see them has been taken away from me due to the travel restrictions. 

New York City - USA

My Dad, Step-Mum, Brother & Sister all live in NYC and if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I spend a lot of time here & I intend to go back as soon as I can. I try and see somewhere new every time I head over to the states and would love to do the same on my next visit!

La Palma - Canary Islands

I would also like to head back to my mums homeland. I haven't been back to La Palma since a small child and I would love to experience it as an adult and visit all the family I have there. I can’t wait to get up in the clouds in the volcanos & laze on the outstanding black beaches.

Sweet Natural Living

The Euro Trip

Warsaw - Poland

After visiting Poland for the first time in early 2019 I fell a little in love with the country and have been excited to go back ever since! The next city on my list would be Warsaw. I’ve read so many things about the vibes here, from what I understand it has similarities to Berlin with its East/West, Posh/Hipster areas. Bought about by the Soviet influence & architecture after 85-90% of the city was destroyed during WW2.

Flying The Nest

Another city we were actually meant to visit in Easter was Vilnius - I’ve recently seen that this city is easily accessible from Warsaw via a 8 hour bus or also a train option.

Vilnius - Lithuania 

Vilnius is supposed to be a quirky, hipster city that is currently totally under the radar and Im really excited to check it out! It was used as a filming location for HBO’s Chernobyl so I’d love to see some of the places they used to film as part of my trip!

Way Away

The Group Tours

These two are probably a bit of a pipe dream but if you know me I’m a total believer in putting things into the universe and hoping that you can make them happen. I have never taken part in a group tour before and it is something I would really like to see if I enjoy. I have heard they are not for everyone but I want to find this out for myself.

Pakistan - Group Tour with Ellie from The Wandering Quinn

I have seen that Ellie from The Wandering Quinn has take a few groups  to India & was planning a trip to Pakistan in September. I can only assume this has now been cancelled as I can’t find anything about it on her blog but I would LOVE to go on one of her trips at some point in the future. I am obsessed with the way she travels and feel like these trips would be amazing way to meet like minded people and see somewhere new in a unique way.

Israel & Jordan - Group Tour with Top Deck

These are two places that I cannot stop talking about visiting! I want to swim in the Dead Sea and see the City of Petra. Israel and Jordan are soo high on my bucket list & I know one day I will tick them off.

The Christmas Cheer

As I spent my last Christmas in Bali I am desperate to make this Christmas as Festive as possible so for me that means heading straight to a European city and drinking all the mulled wine in one of there fabulous Christmas Markets. The below are two places I have always wanted to visit that have notoriously amazing Christmas Markets. I don’t even care about the crowds, I just don’t want to see a Christmas Tree with a sea shell on it this year! 

Nuremberg - Germany

Copenhagen - Denmark