How to decide where to stay when backpacking?!

This is my opinion based mostly off my experience backpacking SE Asia!

Where do you want to stay! There are so many options for this and it is all about researching what is right for you. We stayed in a mixture of Hostels & Hotels but there is an accommodation type for everyone. As I mention in the video there are many factors that influence where we will stay such as, budget, reviews, location & what kind of atmosphere you are looking for. So, if you get to understanding what you want/like you’ll never go wrong with your accommodation selection!

Hostels - Best place to book Hostel World

Best for solo travels, if you want to meet people & people on a budget.

Work Away 

This is a great site for if you want to save the pennies and work abroad in exchange for free accommodation & sometimes other things such as meals.

Hotels - Best place we found we or direct with the hotel

Great for couples who are traveling as hostels mean you can’t share a bed. We stayed in hotels when we needed a bit of a rest from hostel life.

Air B&B

This isn’t something I use very often but is great for people who are travelling more long term and staying in one place for a few months as you can great some really great deals. I’ve heard really good things about people using this to get good deals on Villas in Bali and the Gili Islands. 

Coach Surfing 

Something I have never used but from what I understand it is a completely free way of staying somewhere on someones sofa. I think I’d like to try this one day maybe in Europe somewhere so stay tuned for that video!