My Top Tips for Planning a Backpacking Trips

This video is talking about my unique experience in South East Asia - everyone travels differently but this is what worked for me so I hope you can get some tips from it!

This is what is covered in the video with time stamps if there is just something in particular you’re interested in. Also, as I say in this video, my DM’s are always open for travel related questions when life is back to normal and you’re ready to start planning your trip again!

Where do you want to go?! 2:45 mins

This might seem obvious, but figuring out where you actually want to travel can sometime be the hardest part. We flipped between SE Asia and South America before finally deciding on Asia. There are so many great resources that can help you make this decision. A great source of information is STA Travel, we ended up using one of there tour routes to plan our time in Vietnam!

How much time do you have? 5:25 mins

How much time you have can often influence where you want to go on your trip, for example we did a month in each country but met at few people who were doing a few counties in a month! Along with considering how much time you have also take time to consider how fast you want to travel. We decided to travel at slower pace and still ended up burning out a few months in so this is something to consider when planning your route.

What your Budget? 6:48 mins

We budgeted around £1000 for each country (so, each month) but this could have been less or more depending on how you travel. We stayed in hotels as well as hostels and ate out every meal so there are many ways you can reduce this budget. I would also recommend getting a credit card for all those ‘just in case’ moments - you might need it to pay for a medical situation or missed flights - you just never know! It's also good to book flights on credit for the extra cover you receive. 

StephMyLife Savings Plan

Transportation 8:47 mins

This will obviously depend on where you are traveling. For example, a lot of our travel in Asia was done with boats however if you’re in Europe for example at lot of your travel can be done by train! Making two very different experiences. In most cases we decided to opt not to fly, we had the luxury that because we had so much time we didn’t need to rush. I find airports can be a lot more stressful than other modes of transport, you can sometimes see a lot more of the places your in, even if it is just out of window & also other ways are better for the environment so some great reasons to fly less!

Accommodation 11:29 mins

Next you probably need to have a think about what sort of accommodation is going to be right for you! We stayed in a mixture of hostels and hotels but there are many other options including Air B&B or Coach Surfing. This is obviously dependant on many factors, mainly budget. But, also how you are traveling, for example as a solo traveller you might want to stay in hostels to meet people & as a couple you might want a hotel so you can share a bed. We used Hostel World and Booking.Com as our main sourced for booking and this worked really well for us. I would totally recommend looking in depth at the reviews as you get lots of helpful tips from these. Another of our biggest considerations was location, this could range from being close to the attractions you want to visit or being close to the airport on the days before your travel days.

Health Insurance 14:41 mins

Beth Sandland has written a great post on this so I won’t bother telling you anything as I went for her recommended insurance & used her handy discount code!