What Not To Miss when Packing for a Backpacking Trip!

So, this post is based on my time spent in SE Asia a few months ago! Below is the things you may forget to pack like I did, but really shouldn't!
I also found a really great packing list on the South East Asia Backpacker’s Blog so I would totally recommend checking this out to make sure you don’t forget any of the essentials I haven’t talked about in this post:

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I thought being away would make my skin perfect! Turns out for me that this was not the case. I didn’t really take much skincare away with me and I ended up buying products whilst I was traveling. But, skincare is something that is really hard to buy as someone who doesn’t want any whitening agents in my products. So, avoid this by just taking a small but perfect collection of this with you! A good face wash, cleanser & moisturising are really all you need.


We did not take enough of these with us as we didn’t realise they would be quite so hard to find whist you’re in Asia! Either bring enough of these to last your whole trips or invest in a menstrual cup. I think this will be my preferred option for my next backpacking adventure! 

First Aid Kit

Motion Sickness Tablets:

You’re going on so many crazy journeys and as someone who is no stranger to travel sickness these would have been great to bring with us. You can also pick these up relatively cheaply in pharmacists around Asia.


Extension Leads or travel adaptor with USB ports

As a content creator I was always charging something & with the one plug you get in hostels it became very difficult to keep all my electrical charged.

The below travel adaptor has both USB & plug sockets & a range of plug so can be used in many countries!! Its perfect!!

Travel Wardrobe 

Clothes & Shoes:

I am going to make a full video on this topic but I basically wish I had packed less & more appropriately - I need less ’nice’ clothes, more warm clothes & slide on & off shoes!!

Essential Non-Essentials

Filter Water Bottle:

I saw a lot of people with these while we were travelling and I wish I had, had one!! I will defiantly be buying one of these for my next trip. With these bottles you can basically drink the water from any tap. This saves the amount of plastic you go through on water bottles & makes your life so much easier when there isn’t a place to buy water near by.

2x Micro Fiber Towels:

I only bought one and realised very quickly that you need one for both the beach and the shower. The are affable and light to carry so I would definitely recommend bringing two of these along.

We have two smashed phone situations - don’t be another statistic! 

Check out what I actually packed before I went away:


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